23 June 2010

Loading jQTouch files

When adding jQTouch files to a web a page, order matters.

The jQuery itself needs to be loaded first, but it is also important that the $.jQTouch({}) intialization happens after the jQuery ready event.

If instead the jQTouch initialization happens before the jQuery ready event is loaded, it appears that event handlers will not be attached to dynamic elements (i.e. those elements that are added after the document has loaded).

The easiest way to ensure that $.jQTouch({}) intialization happens last is probably to create a separate file for it and make sure that it gets loaded last.

I have extracted a minimal set of files from the jQTouch distribution. Just enough to get going with, including a jqt-init.js file containing the necessary initialization.

jqtouch-files are on github.

d. sofer